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Скачать Buck Rogers Vol. 1 #2 бесплатно

Buck Rogers Vol. 1 #2
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | Dynamite Entertainment | July 15, 2009 | 28 Pages | 17.6 MB
+ Buck Rogers Vol. 1 #0-1

Dynamite Entertainment reinvents the original fictional Buck Rogers of Philip Nowlan, of John Flint Dille's comic strip and of the various character iterations in various media through the years, notably the TV series, but still keeping it attached to a thread of commonality with all these versions. This one looks at first like a limited series but initial fan response might make it an ongoing. Issue #0 starts at the end of a story arc--or a storyline--serving as a teaser to the subsequent intro in #1.

The future is here! Join us as we present pop culture's first hero -- Buck Rogers! The first man out of time... the first man to be taken from his present and thrown into the future... the inspiration for countless heroes! Story by Scott Beatty; Art by Carlos Rafael; Colors by Carlos Lopez -- Issue #2 solicitation, dynamiteentertainment.com



Buck Rogers Vol. 1 #0-1 can be found here.

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