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Скачать The Voyages of SheBuccaneer #1-6 (Ongoing Bimonthly) бесплатно

The Voyages of SheBuccaneer #1-6 (Ongoing Bimonthly)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | 6 CBR | Great Big Comics | Issue #6 Released July 15, 2009 | 111 MB Total

Some folks just get around, and the SheBuccaneer is certainly one of those, all the while wearing a double-death's head bikini. And she ain't sightseeing, mind--she's a pirate captain moonlighting as a harem girl on her way to a stint with the East India Company while battling other pirates, demons, devils, automatons, a genie and maybe even a minor deity of two, yet somehow managing not to bust a strap while engaging in the sexiest swashbuckling ever to set sail on the seven seas. This, in a nutshell describes Will and Heidi Hughes' bi-monthly The Voyages of SheBuccaneer up to Issue #6, enough for some to hoist their mizzen-mast and shiver their timbers.

The Voyages of The She-Buccaneer begin with the death of her one true love, Captain Calico Jack Rackham. In the depths of despair, she is lured into the tombs of Eden and offered a deal with the devil for the release of Jack's soul. She sets out to find seven gemstones, hidden among the fabled seven seas. When she gets all the stones, she plans to return to Adam and Eve's tomb, open the gate to the tree of life and free her beloved from hell's grasp... -- shebuccaneer.com


Issue 01 - Voyage 1: Tombs of Eden (June 2008)
Issue 02 - Voyage 2: Eye of Atlantis (August 2008)
Issue 03 - Voyage 3: The Eye of Kabala (October 2008)
Issue 04 - Continuing Voyages of the 7 Seas: Eye of the Jade Dragon 1 (March 2009)
Issue 05 - Continuing Voyages of the 7 Seas: Eye of the Jade Dragon 2 (May 2009)
Issue 06 - Continuing Voyages of the 7 Seas: Eye of the Jade Dragon 3 (July 2009)


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