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Скачать The Stuff of Legend: The Dark 01 of 02 бесплатно

The Stuff of Legend: The Dark 01 of 02
Englihs | CBR | 58 pages | 43,36 Mb

This gorgeous comic starts out as Toy Story and ends up as the gospels re-imagined as the (toy) battle over a little boy’s soul—that’s a hell of a transition, and it makes for a hell of a read. The unfortunately, punnily named The Stuff of Legend begins with that tired clich that toys are real when your young and not looking. We’re in the midst of World War II, and the closet boogeyman has just kidnapped the son of a Soldier serving on the Western front. In response, his favorite cutely drawn toys elect to enter the dark of the closet and rescue him. And then things get mythic. As they enter the dark, the toys transform into the real versions of themselves and engage in shockingly bloody fight with the overwhelming forces of the boogeyman.


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