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Скачать Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (Graphic Novel - Part 1 of the Batman Vampire Trilogy) бесплатно

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Batman & Dracula: Red Rain (Graphic Novel - Part 1 of the Batman Vampire Trilogy)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | DC Comics | 1991 | 98 Pages | 24.7 MB

Batman & Dracula: Red Rain is a 1991 graphic novel by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones, in DC Comics' Elseworlds line of alternate reality stories. It spawned two sequels by the same creative team: Batman: Bloodstorm and Batman: Crimson Mist. All three are collectively known as The Elseworlds Batman Vampire Trilogy. IGN Comics ranked Batman & Dracula: Red Rain #9 on a list of the 25 greatest Batman graphic novels, calling it "perhaps the finest written Elseworlds story to date" and "flawless in its execution." The website added, "Just about every turn of the page brings a new wrinkle, a new surprise. So many comics seem to go by the numbers, but Red Rain offers the unexpected again and again." Batman & Dracula: Red Rain is the highest-ranking Elseworlds story on the list. This scan has the Introduction by Eric Van Lustbader, best-selling author of the Nicholas Linnear ninja novels, the Sunset Warrior sword-and-sorcery epic and now inheritor of Robert Ludlum as the new author of the Jason Bourne novels. This graphic novel has been out of print for sometime.

In the first volume of the Batman vampire trilogy, Dracula, the lord of the undead, descends upon Gotham and the Dark Knight Detective must stop the unholy vampire before he turns his city into a haven of darkness. But as the legendary creature of the night preys on the homeless and transforms them into a horrific undead army, Batman learns that all of his powers of deduction and reason are meaningless in this war. In a final calculated act of heroism, the Dark Knight must form an alliance with a renegade band of vampires and sacrifice his own humanity in hopes of stopping this Gothic nightmare from becoming a gruesome reality. Written by Doug Moench; Art by Kelley Jones and Malcom Jones III -- dccomics.com solicitation



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