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Скачать Gravel #13 (Ongoing) бесплатно

20 августа 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Скачать журналы бесплатно » Комиксы | Комментариев: 0

Gravel #13 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | Avatar Press | Aug 19, 2009 | 2 Covers | 25 Pages | 14.5 MB
+ Gravel Issues #0-12 Complete

Gravel is an ongoing series by Warren Ellis, illustrated by Mike Wolfer and published by Avatar Press. A number of different limited series have been published under the Strange Killings banner, all of which centered around British "combat magician" William Gravel. Gravel initially appeared in the Strange Kiss limited series, which was followed by a sequel, Stranger Kisses. The third series was titled Strange Killings, which remained the name for the subsequent limited series, until the latest ongoing series. With Gravel, Wolfer became the co-author with Raulo Cceres joining as the first of what has been described as a "revolving team" of artists. Issue #13 is called "Little Britain" and is the start of the second story arc (Book Two) entitled "The Major Seven."

Combat Magician William Gravel is playing with powers far beyond his own in this second story arc of his ongoing series! The Major Seven gave Gravel a puzzle to solve, how does one of the royalty of magic in England get killed in a place where she cannot possibly die? Gravel only knows one way to solve puzzles - by shooting them, and then shooting anyone who complains. He doesn't know another way to do business, and that might just see him dead. How does one man affect a group who are more numerous and more deadly? Well, that's pretty much what the SAS was invented for! (W) Warren Ellis; (W/A) Mike Wolfer -- Issue #13 solicitation, avatarpress.com



Gravel Issues #0-12 can be found here.

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