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Скачать Complete Marvel Chronology Fill Pack 001 and CMC Handbook vol. 003 1960-1969 бесплатно

9 сентября 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Скачать журналы бесплатно » Комиксы | Комментариев: 0

Complete Marvel Chronology Fill Pack 001 and CMC Handbook vol. 003 1960-1969
Eng | CBR | CBZ | 1.06GB

New Scans

196001 Millie The Model Comics v1 094 c2c scanned by Gambit
196004 A Date With Millie v1 004 c2c scanned by Gambit
196005 Love Romances v1 087 c2c scanned by Mal32 and Gambit
196008 Kathy v1 006 c2c scanned by PMack and Gambit
196008 Patsy Walker v1 090 c2c scanned by Gambit
196010 Patsy Walker v1 091 c2c scanned by Gambit ***Faulty File - Will be added to next Fill Pack***
196012 Patsy Walker v1 092 c2c scanned by Gambit

196102 Patsy Walker v1 093 fc2c scanned by Gambit
196104 Patsy And Hedy v1 075 c2c scanned by Gambit
196106 Patsy Walker v1 095 fc2c scanned by Gambit

196201 Teen-Age Romance v1 085 c2c scanned by Mal32 and Gambit
196202 Patsy and Hedy v1 080 c2c scanned by Gambit
196202 Patsy Walker v1 099 c2c scanned by Gambit
196203 Love Romances v1 098 c2c scanned by Mal32 and Gambit
196207 Millie the Model v1 109 c2c scanned by Gambit
196208 Life with Millie v1 018 c2c scanned by Gambit
196210 Patsy and Hedy v1 084 c2c scanned by Gambit

196302 Patsy Walker v1 105 c2c scanned by Gambit
196304 Patsy and Hedy v1 087 c2c scanned by Gambit
196310 Patsy Walker v1 110 c2c scanned by Gambit
196512 Patsy Walker v1 124 c2c scanned by Gambit

New c2c Scans

196007 Tales of Suspense v1 010 c2c
196105 Strange Tales v1 084 c2c
196106 Amazing Adventures v1 001 c2c
196902 Sub-Mariner v1 010 c2c
196903 Sub-Mariner v1 011 c2c
196904 Sub-Mariner v1 012 c2c
196905 Sub-Mariner v1 013 c2c
196906 Sub-Mariner v1 014 c2c

Replacement Scans

196305 Tales of Suspense v1 041 c2c scanned by Flattermann
196911 Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 006 c2c scanned by Delboy2k7 + second scan 54pgs

Alternate Scans

196108 Patsy Walker v1 096 c2c scanned by Gambit
196903 Marvel Super-Heroes v1 019 54pgs
196910 Chamber of Darkness v1 001 28pgs scanned by BlondeGoddess

All issues in this upload are either new to the Chronology or are replacements for issues uploaded in version 001.


c2c - cover to cover
c2cO - Official Marvel scan
remix - a full version of the comic sourced from reprints
24pgs - not a c2c,usually just the cover and story pages
fc only - front cover only where the comic is missing

About the Complete Marvel Chronology

The Complete Marvel Chronology (CMC) is version 2.0 of the Marvel Chronology (MC).

The MC was created by cyager69 aka Chuck, who uploaded Marvel comics beginning with Fantastic Four 001 (Nov 61) through to the issues published in Jun 1997.

When Chuck was unable to continue the uploads I took over the MC and uploaded the remainder of the issues through to December 2008. Additional uploads added various titles not cover-dated with a specific month (the 'Decades' uploads) and seven Fill packs added new scans for issues missing when the original uploads were done for the 70's through to the 90's.

With none of Chuck's original uploads online, the decision was to either upload the original version of 1961-1996 or go with a brand new, full version incorporating the missing genres, such as romance, western and humour, and including the imprints which Chuck intended to upload following the completion of the MC.

The CMC will cover Marvel's entire seventy year history. At present I am uploading the years beginning with 1960 and these uploads will continue right through to December 1996. After that I have not finalised what will follow, but the likelihood will be that I go back to upload the 39-59 period, and then upload the 97-09 period again. When I do upload version 2.0 of 97-09 there will be many additions and many new scans.

News and Notes

Fill Pack 001 contains a lot of issues completely new to the CMC, or MC, plus a couple of fixes for faulty files and a few new c2c replacements for issues only available previously as story-only.

CMC Handbook Also included in this upload is the first Handbook, which weighs in at at over 120mb, around 260 widescreen pages of all the data and covers featured previously in the torrents, plus a few additional notes and corrections to the original text.

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