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Скачать Superman #695 (Ongoing) бесплатно

27 декабря 2009 | Автор: Admin | Рубрика: Скачать журналы бесплатно » Комиксы | Комментариев: 0

Superman #695 (Ongoing)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | DC Comics | Dec 23 2009 | 25 Pages | 15.4 MB
+ Codename: Patriot/World Against Superman Crossover Story Arcs Compilation Complete

I give up. The DC Comics checklist stated the World Against Superman storyline as only up to issue #19 but apparently the storyline is still ongoing. I hope DC editors have the storyline down pat and are not trying to wring as much as they can out of it.

Part 2 of Man of Valor! Metropolis gets a chance to see the new Mon-El in action. But now the stakes are raised even higher and the action escalates as Mon finally goes mano-a-mano against the Parasite! This is a battle that's been brewing since Mon's emergence on Earth and now it explodes into the streets and skies of the city. Plus, with Mon-El's secret identity publicly known, how will the Science Police react to him now that they know he's been living among them all this time? All this plus the return of Natasha Irons and the fate of Steel! By: James Robinson, Fernando Dagnino, Ral Fernandez, Cafu -- solicitation, dccomics.com



Codename: Patriot/World Against Superman Crossover Story Arcs Compilation Complete

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