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Скачать Gigantic #1-5 (Of 5) Complete бесплатно

Gigantic #1-5 (Of 5) Complete
Eng | RS & Hotfile | 4 CBR 1 CBZ | Dark Horse Comics | Nov 5 2008 - Jan 6 2010 | 116.5 Total

It's high concept "Godzilla" meets "Truman Show" in Dark Horse Comics' five-part miniseries, Gigantic. The basic scenario is that the Earth was created as a reality show for aliens to watch, and they've injected a monster into the middle of it to boost ratings. This idea, that mankind was created for no other reason than the entertainment of a cruel, yet media-savvy race of aliens simply resonates in my head. I mean if you're that sort of person, you could right away explain quite a number of "Chariots-of-the-Gods" type mysteries applying this premise. Start with the pyramids...and how about religions..? That's why this is one heck of an enjoyable action miniseries by the creative team of Rick Remender, Eric Nguyen and Matthew Wilson. All high-quality Minutemen scans.

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