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Скачать Killapalooza #5 (Of 6) бесплатно

Killapalooza #5 (Of 6)
Eng | RS & Hotfile | CBR | Wildstorm (DC) | Sep 2009 | 24 Pages | 14.1 MB
+ Killapalooza Issues #1-4 Complete

A high-octane action-adventure story about the world's biggest band that also happens to be the most sought-after meta-human assassination squad on the black market. Issue #5 was supposed to be released last September 2009 yet, but the scan--albeit a high quality Minutemen scan--surfaced just last week.

As the concert to end all concerts kicks off with a bang (and a boom, and a ka-pow or three), Skin and Ivory deal with the fallout of their actions, Amp and Axe try to make peace, Ass gets a heck of a good luck present, a new threat is uncovered, and the Clap's rivals are revealed at last! Will anyone survive to the encore? Written by Adam Beechen Art and cover by Trevor Hairsine -- issue #5 solicitation, dccomics.com



Killapalooza #1-4 (Of 6)

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