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Скачать Die Hard: Year One #1-4 First Story Arc Complete бесплатно

Die Hard: Year One #1-4 First Story Arc Complete
Eng | RS & Hotfile | 2 CBR 2 CBZ | BOOM! Studios | Release Dates Sep 30 2009 - Jan 13 2010 | 107.9 Total

For the first several pages you'll think this prequel comic book doesn't feel like a Die Hard story, at least the one that's so familiar--if you've been following the Hollywood releases. Then of course you'll realize that this is still the raw, fresh John McClane as a beat cop and that this is how he was supposed to have started, and not yet the hard, wise-cracking, street-smart and razor-sharp cop of the live action films. And another realization sinks in: writer Howard Chaykin creates well-written believable 70's characters, helped no doubt by Stephen Thompson's real depiction of life in New York in 1976. This was planned to be a six-issue miniseries. The solicitation for issue #4 says it's the conclusion of the initial story arc. The BOOM! Studios website shows there are two more issues, #5 and #6 not yet released with even their cover art not yet finalized. Be that as it may, issues #1-4 collectively represent a well thought-out, character-driven standalone story, a superior prequel to the popular movie series.

The conclusion of the first Die Hard arc! It's 1976, the Bicentennial in NYC. John McClane's on a luxury boat that's targeted by eco-terrorists! McClane has to take out the villains and save everyone, for the first time in his life! Think his luck will get better in the future? Covers by Dave Johnson and Jock. -- issue #4 solicitation, boom-studios.net

Note: These are all Minutemen scans, with multiple covers for each issue. The filienames were just abbreviated because BOOM! Studios is very aggressive in protecting its copyrights. The previous uploads were already blacklisted.

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