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Скачать Star Trek Crew #2 (2009) бесплатно

Star Trek Crew #02 cover art by John Byrne

Star Trek Crew #2
English | 2009 | CBR | 16.3 MB

Star Trek Crew #2 - Comic book legend John Byrne presents issue two in the untold adventures of Number One ("The Cage", "The Menagerie") from Star Trek: The Original Series! This is a faithful look at the characters, designs and history of the Trek universe (from the TV show era) before Captain James T. Kirk went "where no man has gone before!"

From IDW Publishing. April 2009.

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This scanned issue is presented in .cbr format (.rar with the file name changed to .cbr). It can be read within free comic viewing software like Comical, CDisplay and others. Just Google!


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