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Скачать Penthouse Comix, Issue 12 бесплатно

Penthouse Comix, Issue 12
PDF | English | 39.5 MB

Sexxxsational 2nd anniversary edition.

Young Captain Adventure
Episode 9: Nailing Joey.
Every girl's favorite pastime becomes a wild obsession! Senator, how could you?

Bethlehem Steele
Episode 10: To Fell an Empire.
The Festival of Pleasure begins! Beth and Brother Monk struggle against Bouf's treachery -- can a win also be a loss?

Captain Erotica
"Vanity, thy name is woman" -- but the resourceful Captain has a solution.

Hot Stories
Part 2: To Di For.
Hot reporter Stori is in hot water with F.B.I. Agents Waterman and Elke -- she has evidence that Princess Di was abducted by aliens.

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