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Скачать Penthouse Comix, Issue 8 бесплатно

Penthouse Comix, Issue 8
PDF | English | 34.1 MB

Bethlehem Steele
Episode 7: Sweet Torture.
Bound most piteously at the mercy of her new alien masters, will Beth survive the ultimate pleasure?

Doctor Dare Space: 1939
Episode 1: Rocket Men.
Joanna pits her sex-borne superpowers against the Axis in outer space.

Episode 7: Heroine.
She's hot, she's wet and she's ready for action!

Episode 7: The Truth.
At last! The Commissar reveals his master plan. But will all his children stand together?

Bad Girls
Agent D, Bad Girl, Mostress W and Rawhide Rita in their perfectly pencilled posed glory...

Libby in the Lost World
Filty miserable greedy pornographers are revealed for what they really are...

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