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Скачать Apocalypse Meow бесплатно

Apocalypse Meow Volume 1
1998/2004 |130 pages | CBR | 30 MB

This manga follows three American soldiers in the Vietnam War named Bota, Perky and Rats. All three are in the recon group called Cat Shit One. Each mission (or chapter) shows the daily activities of the reconnaissance group in Vietnam. This is a very realistic representation of the grimness of war apart from one thing - the characters are all animals.

The manga depicts the characters as different animals according to their nationality as follows:

* American - Rabbit
* Vietnamese - Cat
* French - Pig
* Chinese - Panda
* Japanese - Monkey and Gorilla
* Russian - Bear
* Korean - Dog
* British - Rat
* Australian - Kangaroo and Koala

I'll post the other 2 volumes shortly.

Non-RS mirrors welcome!


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