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Скачать Shaun of the Dead ( 1 - 4 ) Complete бесплатно

Shaun of the Dead ( 1 - 4 ) Complete
English | CBZ | 39 MB

"Gleefully funny - and gruesomely gory." - E! Online "The funniest movie of the year." - Eclipse Magazine "Full-on, hilarious comedy" - San Francisco Chronicle "The best male bonding film since Last Orders and the best romantic comedy since Love Actually. Oh, and it's a great zombie flick, too." - EFilmCritic.com"

Product Description
In 2004, the Spaced team of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright stormed the worldwide box office with their acclaimed and hilarious "rom-zom-com" movie, Shaun of the Dead. Now, here comes the much-anticipated official comics "director's cut" adaptation of the movie, complete with deleted scenes, unshot scenes and bonus material! Shaun's a man lacking direction. Happy to sit around his filthy flat with his filthy flatmate Ed, his vision rarely extends further than the pub. But when Liz, his girlfriend, leaves him - and Britain is swept by a devastating plague of zombies - there's only one thing to do: get the girl, kill the zombies, and save the day! ...Assuming he can get off his backside, that is...


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