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Скачать Housewives At Play: What A Woman Wants бесплатно

Housewives At Play: What A Woman Wants
Publisher: Eros Comix | ISBN: 1560977515 | edition 2008 | PDF | 48 pages | 9,63 mb

There's no more experienced guide through the world of woman-on-woman desire than the prolific artist who calls herself, Rebecca, and this newest collection of her sumptuous, super-realistic pin-up art is her hottest, most intensely erotic volume yet! This searing salvo of Sapphic suburban seduction features Rebecca's lovely, lusty, lushly-drawn ladies in the grip of forbidden passion and untold pleasure. together or by themselves, these mature, experienced women know what it takes to fulfill their most profound urges - much tot he surprise of their husbands.
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