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Скачать Sensational Spider-Man Annuals бесплатно

Sensational Spider-Man Annuals
English | 1996 | CBR/CBZ | 39 MB

The Sensational Spider-Man was first used as the title for a prestige format one-shot special called "The Sensational Spider-Man: Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut" in 1989 from Marvel Comics which reprinted The Amazing Spider-Man issues # 229 and # 230 (originally published in 1982).

The Sensational Spider-Man was later also used as the name of a comic book series starring Spider-Man published by Marvel Comics for 35 issues (#0-33, with # -1 published in July 1997 between #17 and #18), from January 1996 until November 1998.

The title was initially conceived to be the flagship showcase for the new Ben Reilly Spider-Man. It replaced the Web of Spider-Man series.

The initial seven issues (#0-6, January-July, 1996) were written and pencilled by Dan Jurgens, who had helped revive interest in Superman for DC Comics in the mid 1990s. Jurgens pushed strongly for the restoration of Peter Parker as the true Spider-Man and plans were made to enact this soon, but Bob Harras, the new Editor-in-chief, demanded the story be deferred until after the Onslaught crossover. Jurgens had by this stage become disillusioned with the immense amount of group planning and constant changes of ideas and directions and took this as the last straw, resigning from the title.

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