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Скачать Enki Bilal - Hunting Party бесплатно

Enki Bilal - Hunting Party
96 pages | Publisher: Humanoids Publishing | September 15, 2002 | English | ISBN: 0967240174 | CBR | 48 MB

A group of old men gathers on an estate in Poland for a hunting party. It's the early 1980s...the Warsaw Pact is still in existence, but cracks are starting to appear. The men in the hunting party are highly influential members of each of the various countries' communist parties. A young French communist acts as translator, and he slowly discovers the story of each of these men, how their idealism eroded, how the Soviet Union loomed over them and their countries...
It's a fantastic story, outstanding writing by Pierre Christin and Enki Bilal's artwork is just extraordinary. Bilal uses color schemes as symbols, it took me awhile to catch on. See if you can figure out what his use of the colors red and yellow symbolizes. But this wonderful, tragic story that ends on a strangely prophetic optimistic note, and get a painless education in how the countries in Eastern Europe after WW2 learned to hate/love
the Soviet Union.

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Check my blog here for more comics by Enki Bilal and other authors.


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