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Скачать Quantum Leap Comic Volume 1 – 13 бесплатно

Quantum Leap Comic Volume 1 – 13
Innovation Comic | September 1991 – July 1993 | CBR | English | 5 MB – 14 MB

Quantum Leap, besides being one of the finest television shows on the air, is also a comic book based on the same series. It is supposed to ship on a roughly bimonthly basis by Innovation Comics, but only occasionally reaches that frequency. The stories are of roughly the same quality as the television series, but sometimes have trouble dealing with the limited space -- each story runs 24 pages in length and can be read (at an enjoyable pace) in about fifteen minutes (some issues have two complete stories). Were each episode to be done as a television episode, the quality would undoubtedly increase, but most of the stories are still good nonetheless.

v1 #1 (4964 KB) : "First There Was A Mountain, Then There Was No Mountain, Then There Was"
25 Mar 1968 -- As Karen Connors, a 24-year old high school teacher specializing in remedial education, Sam would like to save the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but learns that the education of his (mostly black) class comes first, for they are the leaders of tomorrow...

v1 #2 (5500 KB) : "Freedom of the Press"
11 Jun 1962 -- Sam leaps into Willie Jackson, sentenced to death in the electric chair, just as the switch is thrown. The difficulty arises when he learns that a murder will be committed outside the prison as that he needs to prevent it.

v1 #3 (5071 KB) :
"He Knows If You've Been Bad or Good"
20 Dec 1963 -- Ziggy hasn't a clue who Sam leapt into, except that his name is Nick. Nick apparently works part time for a department store (as Santa, of all things), and must teach some close friends of his that there really are such things as miracles...
"The Infinite Corridor"
2 Apr 1968 -- As a student of particle physics at MIT, Sam must patch a relationship with a coworker and make sure that she watch her computer simulations of subatomic particles to catch the one in a million that moves backwards through time.

v1 #4 (4227 KB): "The $50,000 Quest"
15 Aug 1958 -- Unaware that he is about to be caught in the game show scandals of the era, Sam must discover which of the contestants is to be the winner. According to Ziggy, the winner anonymously donates $25,000 to MIT for a scholarship, which is eventually awarded to the student who later invents a chip integral to the Quantum Leap Project.

v1 #5 (4492 KB) : "Seeing is Believing"
14 Nov 1957 -- Sam is a mild mannered reporter, who must help a local schoolgirl cope with her abusive father, especially since she thinks she saw a spaceship on the outskirts of town, and her dream of joining NASA may never come to be.

v1 #6 (4717 KB) : "A Tale of Two Cindys"
12 Feb 1959 -- Sandy Anderson has an identical twin sister, Cindy. At least she *looks* like an identical twin sister, that is, until Sam leaps into Cindy, to prevent Sandy from being raped by one of the most popular boys in school. Sandy can't figure out why Cindy occasionally looks like a strange man...

v1 #7 (5876 KB) :
"Lives on the Fringe"
1974 -- Sam becomes surprised that his making a fifty foot putt in a professional match may cause "the mob" to come after him and his family.
"Sarah's Got a Gun"
19 May 1953 -- As a Queens, NY bus driver, Sam discovers that one of "his" kids has been physically abused -- the same child who is to shoot him the next morning...

v1 #8 (4298 KB) : "Getaway"
1958 -- Sam is one of a two-man bank-robbing team, but Ziggy doesn't know why Sam is there. In 1999, Al tries to communicate with Vic (the leapee) to learn more about the situation. Interestingly enough, Vic is very calm about the situation (which he doesn't understand) to the point that Al and Vic take a pleasant walk around the project while they talk...

v1 #9 (4646 KB) : "Up Against A Stonewall"
22 Jun 1969 -- In a direct follow-up to "Good Night, Dear Heart", Sam leaps into Stephanie Haywood, a lesbian who killed her lover who left her for a man. Stephanie has just been released on parole after twelve years in prison, and many of her friends are arrested or beaten because of their homosexuality.

v1 #10 (5019 KB) : "Too Funny for Words"
13 Jun 1966 -- Sam "is" Manny Todd, a stand-up comic whose routines depend mostly on dirty jokes and "obscene" language. Constantly harassed by the local police and judge, he tries to fight for his civil rights. Trying to help an old silent film star regain his past glory doesn't help matters, either.

v1 #11 (4775 KB) : "For the Good of the Nation"
Jul 1958 -- Feeling comfortable that he has leapt into a medical doctor, Sam realizes that he is Dr. Epstein, a German doctor who is to study of the effects of LSD on human subjects. As an added bonus, Sam meets his mysterious Uncle Roger. Why did his mother never talk about him much?

v1 #12 (4838 KB) : "Waiting..."
24 Apr 1958 -- Sam is the lone worker at "Lucky's Last Chance" gas station, and has plenty of time to talk with Al about science, life, philosophy, the whole works, before the purpose of the leap is revealed.

v1 #13 (14372 KB) : "One Giant Leap" (Also called TIME AND SPACE SPECIAL One-Shot Special, v1 #1)
5 Jun 1963 -- Sam has been leaping around for years, but never into someone - or something - quite like this! Sam is occupying an alien named "Jifunt" on board an orbiting space craft. Soon he learns he's not the only non-extraterrestrial on board. It seems he's here to let a captive human couple go free, but he's going to have to play it safe. The aliens are telepaths; what would they do if they found out he's not Jifunt?

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