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Скачать Deathblow бесплатно

Image Comics |#00 to #29 | CBR | English | 334Mb

Michael Cray was a Navy SEAL prior to being transferred to I.O.'s newly formed Team 7. Like all members of that group, he was a highly experienced Special Forces operative, and had the potential for psionic powers. The
team had been sent on a mission (or so they believed) when in reality they were sent to be exposed to the Gen Factor by Miles Craven (head of I.O.). Unlike the other surviving members of Team 7 (not everyone survived
the exposure to the gen factor treatment), Michael's powers did not manifest until many years later. When the majority of Team 7 went underground (with their families), Cray continued to serve I.O. (as did Lynch, Dane & Backlash).


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