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Скачать Krishna - Amar Chitra Katha бесплатно

Krishna - Amar Chitra Katha
CBZ | 34 Pages | English | 22 Mb | RS,DF

Krishna is the most endearing and ennobling character in Indian mythology. He is at once the common cowherd engaging the milk-maids in playful banter and the supreme intellectual engaged in the exposition of the Gita philosophy. Krishna has a particular appeal for children because he is one of them as no other divine is. Krishna the boy is mischievous; he is naughty. He has irrepressible energy for innumerable escapades. He is no prig; he is no puritan. He has divine powers but he humanises them and remains a boy. This powerful human element is the secret of Krishna's universal popularity. He is secular even as he is sacred and so he remains throughout his life.


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