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Скачать Lone 2003 бесплатно

Dark Horse Comic | No1 to 6 | CBR | 75 MB

Lone features a barren, post-war America, in which zombies roam and ravage surviving towns with slow but merciless precision, adding more to their undead ranks.

Lone is an attractive package, boasting the attractive work of Russ Manning Award-winning artist Jerome Opena. Opena's visuals are beautiful capturing the Wild West-like wasteland of the post-war American landscape, the vile reality of the apocalyptic era's zombies and mutants, and most importantly the expressive dynamics of the story's characters. Lone is a powerful figure, but his gaunt frame reveals a vulnerability, not so much in his physical prowess, but symbolically, brewing beneath the surface, like the very land upon which he resides. Moore's mythology is built on a simple premise: an unnatural return of the days of cowboys, with a zombie twist. The book certainly stands on its own, its title indicative of its place on the shelves. Lone is one of a kind.


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