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Скачать The Agency бесплатно

The Agency (Story by Paul Jenkins and Art by Kyle)
Top Cow | CBR | No 1 to No 6 | 70 MB

A superb example of modern cyber horror.

In the near future, when crime is out of control, the government calls upon private law enforcement groups for the nastiest jobs. The Agency is one of those groups. Consisting of the cyborg Virtual Jonez, the Telepath Sioux, physical freak Kerrick, who uses his entire DNA, and criminal profiler David Siam. The team is called to Houston to investigate a serial killer. This is no ordinary serial killer though, Willie Williams is known as “God’s Man” and makes Hannibal Lechter look like a jaywalker. This psychotic killer and powerful telepath has the Agency in his sights and is ready to play.


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