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Скачать 2600 - The Hacker Quarterly Magazine Volume 19 (No.1-4) бесплатно

2600 - The Hacker Quarterly Magazine Volume 19 (No.1-4)
PDF | 4 x 69 pages | 54 Mb

2600: The Hacker Quarterly is a quarterly American publication that specializes in publishing technical information on a variety of subjects including telephone switching systems, Internet protocols and services, as well as general news concerning the computer "underground" and libertarian issues. The magazine is published and edited by its founder Emmanuel Goldstein.

In the usage of 2600 Magazine and affiliates, the often loaded term "hacking" refers to Grey hat hacking, which is generally understood to be any sort of technological utilisation or manipulation of technology which goes above and beyond the capabilities inherent to the design of a given application.

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