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Скачать COMPUTER WORLD 11th Feb 2009 бесплатно

Digital edition of COMPUTER WORLD 11th Feb 2009
English | 32 Pages & cover | PDF | 5.9 MB


The ‘Big Switch’ to cloud computing
Nicholas Carr touts reliability but fears vendor lock-in

Forecast 2009: The year ahead for IT
Experts weigh in with their predict ions of what will be hot — and not—in IT

Office bling for ‘09
Old notion: Squeeze every drop from your old equipment. New order: Fresh gadgets crank up your productivity

10 tech people you should know
These power-brokers’ decisions could shape enterprise IT for years to come

Service-level agreements: IT’s value proposition
An SLA is your chance to demons trate IT’s worth to the business. Here’s how to get it right


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