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Скачать «HAKIN9 2008 ISSUE 6 English Language» бесплатно

«HAKIN9 2008 ISSUE 6 English Language»
Publisher: Hakin9 | Issue 06/2008 | ISBN: n/a | Pages: 84 | PDF | 15.2 MB

»Registry Analysis

Harlan Carvey
A considerable amount of forensic analysis of Windows systems today continues to center around file system analysis; locating files in the active file system, or carving complete or partial files from unallocated space within the disk image. However, a great deal of extremely valuable information is missed if the Windows Registry is not thoroughly examined, as well.
»Client-side Exploits

Anushree Reddy
Client-side exploit are some of the most commonly seen exploits and this is mainly due to the fact that traditional perimeter security (firewalls, router access lists) offer little or no protection against these kinds of exploits. This is due to the fact that clientside exploits target vulnerabilities on the client applications.

»Simple WiFi Hacking with Eee Pc

Marco Lisci
In this article we'll see a simple and efficient method to retrieve a WEP key from a wireless network. The interesting part is that we'll obtain this key using an Eee Pc, the low cost netbook by Asus. After this article you will see that an Eee Pc with BackTrack is a must-have tool for any security specialist.

»SQL Injection in Action

Antonio Fanelli
Basic SQL Injection attacks have not gone away despite web 2.0 programming. In this article we will learn how to maintain earlier websites in order to protect against them.

»Auditing Oracle in a Production Environment

Aditya K Sood Aditya K Sood
This paper is based on real penetration testing of Oracle servers on HP-UX systems and the way the auditor has to follow to combat the stringencies that come in a way. We will dissect the errors and the way to bypass them to conduct the tests.

»PKCS Potion Number Twelve

Israel Torres
More today than ever enterprise cryptographic systems are being used by both private and government entities to fortify themselves against foreign and domestic attacks. This fortification consists of the applied practice of a policy known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

»Virtualization and Security

Rishi Narang
In this world of enormous computing but limited energy, virtualization has now entered into the present day data centers, enterprises and user desktops to deliver efficient Green IT environments.

»Javascript Obfuscation Part 1

David Maciejak
It is common that attackers target victims web client or third party tools like Adobe Flash or Acrobat Reader. Web clients are targeted to exploit either vulnerability in their code or exploit flaws in third party softwares that can be loaded through them like ActiveX technologies or script engine in Flash or PDF.

»Hacking Movie Fallacies and Home User Infections

Matthew Jonkman
Surely every one of us has annoyed our significant other during a supposed hacking movie with constant statements of disgust. We try not to sigh, or let a Give me a break! slip, but they do. It's unavoidable.
»Consumers test – Virtual machines – an integral part of your security toolkit

Russell Kuhl , hakin9 team
What is a Virtual Machine? These days, you cannot toss an unwanted 512MB DIMM anywhere in the average server room and not hit a virtual machine (or VM as they are commonly known). They are everywhere, in one form or another. There are two basic types of VM’s, Process VM’s create an operating environment within the OS that isolates the process in question from the rest of the operating system.

»Dr. Vladimir Golubev – expert in cybercrime field

hakin9 team
This interview takes up an international problem of cybercrime. Mr. Vladymir Golubev (founder of Computer Crime Research Center) shares with you his experience, gained during years of work as the Member of International Police Association. Here you won’t find unambiguous answers, but things which will provoke you to think over your attitude towards security.

»ISO 27001: The North American Approach

hakin9 team
Interview with Rene St-Germain, president of Veridion and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor


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