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Скачать Linux Journal, October 2008 бесплатно

Linux Journal, October 2008
PDF | English | 12.4 MB

Guido van Rossum on Python 3
The new Python 3000 is bounding beyond Python 2. Python creator Guido van Rossum explains why you've got to try it.

A Tale of Two Languages
Not all programming languages are created for automating spreadsheets and device drivers -- some, like Inform 6 and 7, were created specifically for making games.

Shell Scripting with a Distributed Twist: Using the Sleep Scripting Language
A language for practical extraction and reporting with mobile agents?

The Falcon Programming Language in a Nutshell
Messages can carry anything, including methods or whole Sigma sequences for remote execution in foreign objects.

State of the Art: Linux Audio 2008, Part II
Evaluating the condition of sound and music production software.

Why We Need Hackers to Fix Health Care
Some of the most dangerous closed and proprietary systems are the ones you trust to save your life.

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