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Скачать MacWorld Magazine - September 2008 бесплатно

MacWorld Magazine - September 2008
Publisher: Mac Publishing, LLC | Number of Pages: 124 | 14.5 MB | PDF

Many magazines devoted to Macintosh computing have come and gone over the years, but Macworld has aged gracefully and become the premier resource for news, reviews, tips, and chatter for the Apple crowd. But far from being a stale grande dame, Macworld continues to pepper its articles and monthly columns by Andy Ihnatko and Christopher Breen with zest, humor, and unbiased viewpoints. The magazine also regularly attracts some of the best writers in the Mac universe, including Photoshop and prepress wizard Bruce Fraser, Quark guru David Blatner, and Adam Engst, editor of the popular TidBits e-newsletter. Their insight and invaluable step-by-step tips help you get the most out of your Mac. But Macworld's bread and butter comes from its heaping helping of reviews on the latest hardware systems, software, monitors, add-on gadgets, and more. They cut to the chase without a lot of fluff, offering review summaries with pros and cons, buying advice, and a rating scale of one to five mice (computer mice, that is).


iPhone 2.0
We put the new iPhone 3G and its upgraded software to the test and take a sneak peek at some of the most promising new iPhone applications.

Software Treasures
From handy time-savers to multimedia power tools, stock up on 53 great Mac programs that won't empty your coffers.

Macs Making Inroads in the Enterprise Market
Developers feel they can help get Macs accepted in large businesses.

The iCal Challenge
iCal is the standard against which every other calendar, organizer, and to-do list competes, and in that spirit, we take eight of its popular rivals for a test drive to see how they compare.


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