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Скачать elektor microcontroller basics course бесплатно

«elektor microcontroller basics course»
Elektor | English | PDF | 1 MB

Excellent microcontroller course from Elektor Magazine.

Elektor is a monthly magazine about hobby electronics, first published as "Electuur" in the Netherlands in 1960, and now published worldwide in nine languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Chinese, Greek, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish. It publishes schematics of electronic designs geared to hobbyists, but also of interest to professionals. To help hobbyists build these designs Elektor also offers printed circuit boards of many of its designs, and kits and modules. If the design uses a microcontroller, as is now often the case, Elektor also publishes the sourcecode for it on their website. Elektor also publishes books, CD's and DVD's about electronics, microprocessors and general purpose programming and the applications that are possible with electronics. Elektor is headquartered in Limbricht, Netherlands

If you are a fan of electronics (like me), try the following site:


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