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Скачать Windows Secrets Newsletter Paid Version - Keep XP fresh until Windows 7 arrives бесплатно

Windows Secrets Newsletter Paid Version - Keep XP fresh until Windows 7 arrives
Issue 153 | 2008-05-15 | Circulation: over 275,000 | 18 Pages | PDF | 627 KB

TOP STORY Keep XP fresh until Windows 7 arrives XP is an operating system with serious legs Eight simple rules for keeping XP rejuvenated Clear the clutter from XP's many cubbyholes

Get the latest high-tech tips.
The Windows Secrets Newsletter brings you essential tricks of running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Windows Update, and more.

The following topics appear in the free version:

Steal our links — no, really, we mean it
Welcome a writer who's read all over

Windows rocks! The OS plays a Who classic

You get all of the following in the paid version:

One online notetaker outshines the competition
When a sticky note just won't cut it
Record your thoughts in graphs and charts
Simple text notes, but images need not apply
Selectric flashback: take notes like it's 1979

More vulnerabilities found in Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer might cache sensitive data
Link-printing vulnerability found in IE 7 and 8
Windows LocalSystem bug endangers servers
Secunia enhances software updater for networks
Readers respond to top-antivirus ratings

XP Service Pack 3 crashes HP's AMD-based PCs
Prevent XP from rebooting after a failure
Microsoft's support line for XP SP3 headaches
More prudent to wait before installing XP SP3
XP Service Pack 3 locks in Internet Explorer 7
Vista and XP service packs affect databases
Patches available for Microsoft Office bugs
Important update for Microsoft antivirus apps

About the editors

Brian Livingston, editorial director of WindowsSecrets.com, is co-author of "Windows Vista Secrets", "Windows Me Secrets", and nine other books in the Windows

Secrets series. He was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the 6th annual Internet Content Summit in New York City on May 8, 2006.

Fred Langa is editor-at-large of the Windows Secrets Newsletter. He was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996),

overseeing Windows Magazine and others. He edited the LangaList e-mail newsletter from 1997 to 2006, when it merged with Windows Secrets.



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