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Скачать Government Technology Magazine, May 2008 бесплатно

Government Technology Magazine, May 2008
English | EXE | 60 pages | 26.5 MB

Government Technology is the award-winning national magazine covering information technology's role in state and local governments.Through in-depth coverage of IT case studies, emerging technologies, and the implications of digital technology on the policies and management of public sector organizations, Government Technology chronicles the dynamics of governing in the information age.Managers, elected officials, CIOs and technology staff at all levels of government gain IT news and event information from Government Technology magazine.

Today's governments simply can't operate without technology. It's intertwined with every facet of their business processes. Government Technology and its award-winning publications are uniquely focused on helping state and local professionals understand IT's role in driving the business of modern governments.

Discover how Government Technology's long-standing connections and multi-media platform delivers maximum ROI with the highest-concentration of technology buying influence. Government Technology is up to any marketing challenge, and we're ready to get you results.



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