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Скачать Windows IT Pro, February 2008 бесплатно

Windows IT Pro, February 2008
PDF | English | 15.7 MB

PowerShell 101, Lesson 1
In this practical lesson, our scripting expert walks you through the Get-Help cmdlet to get the information you need to create a Get-Content command that reads a file -- a common administrative task. Along the way, you'll learn to apply the Get-Command and Get-Alias cmdlets.

Best Practices for Managing User Data and Settings
Let's start with the server side of the equation by looking at the physical namespace, the SMB namespace, and the DFS namespace that will give you the most effective back end for effective UDS management.

A First Look at Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V
Take a tour through the new Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V technology. Get an overview of its microkernel architecture, learn how to install it, and get an early look at how it stacks up against the industry leader, VMware ESX Server.

Windows without Windows
Windows Server 2008 introduces Server Core, which dispenses with the GUI for a leaner, more secure system. A few basic commands will get you going with this new OS version.

Managing Microsoft Office 2007 with Group Policy
Take advantage of Administrative Templates and other new tools to set access and security policies for Office 2007 through Group Policy.

Features of Google Apps
The price is right, and Google's calendar, email, document handling, and other features are ready to take on Microsoft Office.

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