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Скачать Smart Computing June 2008 бесплатно


Smart Computing June 2008
PDF | English | 24 MB

PC/Computing (later Ziff-Davis Smart Computing) was a monthly Ziff Davis publication that for most of its run focused on publishing reviews of IBM-compatible (or "Wintel") hardware and software and tips and reference information for users of such software and hardware. Established under the guidance of founding publisher and columnist Michael Kolowich, the magazine was known for its irreverent style and annual "Windows Superguide" and "Notebook Torture Test" features. The latter feature involved baking, freezing, shaking, dropping, and splashing notebook computers from various manufacturers and then rating the machines based on which ones survived the "torture" and which ones failed. It also featured columns by editor-in-chief Paul Somerson (formerly of PC Magazine, another Ziff-Davis publication), John C. Dvorak, and, for a time in the 1990s, Penn Jillette. For some years, the magazine ran a regular column featuring an often-silly "debate" between Dvorak and Somerson.


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