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Скачать SOA World Magazine, February 2008 бесплатно


SOA World Magazine
February 2008 | English | PDF | 19 pages | 2.7 MB

SOA World Magazine serves as the Internet technology industry's journal of first resort for technical and strategic insights on the new distributed computing paradigm that is transforming use of the Internet by business and by individuals.

Cover Story: Redefi ning the Economics of Mainframe SOA

Next-generation middleware exploits IBM System z specialty engines, redefi ning mainframe total cost of ownership and spurring expanded legacy participation in Service Oriented Architectures

Of all the wonders Service Oriented Architecture has wrought in the business world, one of the most valuable has been to unlock legacy data, applications, and processing resources for new and profi table use. Residing on mainframe platforms, such assets have been notoriously tricky and costly to change and adapt to new, typically web-centric, purposes. On the other hand, they often excel at the critical functions they have provided, typically for decades, and are highly reliable. Replacing them outright would be extremely costly as well as disruptive to operations that are com-monly mission-critical to an organization.



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