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Скачать Windows IT Pro, April 2008 бесплатно

Windows IT Pro, April 2008
PDF | English | 14.4 MB

Conquer 2 New DNS Exploits
You understand the importance of securing your external name servers, but what about your DNS clients? Two new client-focused vulnerabilities demand your attention.

PowerShell 101, Lesson 3
PowerShell's comparison, logical, and arithmetic operators combined with its support for wildcards and regular expressions help put the "Pow" in PowerShell.

10 Steps for Physical to Virtual OS Migration
Save your organization time and server space by performing a physical to virtual (P2V) OS migration using the Virtual Server Migration Toolkit (VSMT) and Mobile Automated Services (ADS). This mobile P2V solution gives you the flexibility to handle migrations anywhere in the organization.

Windows Server 2008 Installation -- It's a Snap!
Install and begin to use Windows Server 2008, and learn how the OS is a very different beast than what you've experienced in the past.

6 New Security Features in IIS 7.0
You can sandbox applications, delegate configuration decisions, control access to all content types, and more with IIS 7.0 security features.

Windows Home Server and WGA Changes in Vista SP1
Learn why Windows Home Server is a surprisingly good solution for some small businesses and why changes to Windows Genuine Advantage in Vista SP1 might send you scurrying to update.

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