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Скачать Games For Windows March 2008 бесплатно


Games For Windows March 2008
PDF | English | 18 MB

Games for Windows: The Official Magazine is a monthly computer game magazine published by Ziff Davis Media and the Microsoft Corporation. It is the successor to Computer Gaming World. The publication date of its first issue was released in November 2006. According to Ziff Davis, the magazine is to be a "rebirth" of the Computer Gaming World magazine, which has lost news stand presence over the past few years [2]. Furthermore, according to the editorial staff of CGW/GFW, the magazine will essentially remain unchanged and is in no way subject to Microsoft's influence, something reflected in the language of the legal agreement between Ziff Davis and Microsoft (akin to how the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine's (OPM) content was not influenced by Sony in any way, outside of what's in the demo discs).


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