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Скачать Computer - Web User - 2007 September 27th бесплатно

Computer - Webuser - 2007 September 13th
True PDF | 76 pages | 9.5 MB | RS.com


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Webuser is a fortnightly consumer magazine published in the UK. The bulk of its content consists of internet news, website reviews and features on a variety of web-related topics. It also features product reviews, step-by-step workshops and hints and tips for using computer software and hardware and websites. The magazine is complemented by a website, launched in tandem in 2001.

Topics regularly covered include free software, PC security and maintenance, and the latest web trends and developments, for example Web 2.0 and social networking. Positioning itself in the computer magazine market between titles aimed at novices and those for more technically-advanced readers, it is currently the best-selling internet magazine in the UK, with an ABC figure of 34,376.

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Web User - 2007 September 13th

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