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Скачать MSDN Magazine - August 2007 бесплатно

MSDN Magazine - August 2007
English | chm & sample code | 6 MB

MSDN Magazine is a developers' guide to Microsoft tools, development environments, and technologies for Windows and the Web. It provides technical experts with real-world solutions, business applications for new technology, and first looks at the latest products.

MSDN Magazine covers all development angles including distributed computing, Web development, and Windows application development. The focus of MSDN Magazine is to generate creative and accurate content on using Microsoft development technologies across the entire spectrum of desktop to enterprise and .NET applications.

As part of Microsoft's indispensable MSDN family of developer resources (msdn.microsoft.com), MSDN Magazine provides in-depth, cutting-edge information written by industry experts and edited by Microsoft professionals.

This month: an exciting lineup that includes learning how to build a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista, an overview of the Excel Services architecture that shows you how to build our own custom calculation formulas in Excel and run Excel workbooks on a Web server, and how to create flexible, customized documents to meet your specific needs with Flow Documents in Windows Vista.

Plus, learn what Visual Studio Tools for Office has to offer, including the full feature set of Visual Studio, including language-integrated query (LINQ), Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communications Foundation, and the .NET Framework 3.5.


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