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Скачать Computer Shopper, July 2009 (UK) бесплатно

Computer Shopper, July 2009 (UK)
English | 158 pages | PDF | 63.87 Mb

Computer Shopper is a magazine published monthly since 1988 in the UK by Felix Dennis's company, Dennis Publishing Ltd.. It contains reviews of home computers and related hardware / software products, as well as news and features on related subjects. It is currently the biggest-selling monthly consumer IT magazine in the UK.
A magazine called Computer Shopper is also published in the United States. Aside from sharing a name, the two are unrelated.
The Computer Shopper website is an extension of the magazine and contains up to date news and information as well as short reviews, classifieds and buying advice as featured in the magazine. The website also has a busy forum.
The current staff include David Ludlow (editor), Jim Martin (deputy editor), Simon Edwards (features editor) and Seth Barton (reviews editor).

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