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Скачать PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions (REPOST) бесплатно

PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions

Neil Randall, «PC Magazine Windows XP Solutions»
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN: 0471747521 | 2005 | PDF | 552 pages | 17.95 MB

You wanted more Windows XP solutions.
Here they are
PC Magazine's Neil Randall heard you when you asked for more about Windows XP security, fighting spy- ware, and surviving a crash. This second edition includes more than 100 pages of new information about protecting your system, preventing problems, and rescuing data if something does go wrong. It also helps you optimize your Internet experience, understand permissions and policies, maximize Windows XP for small business use, and more, with recommendations for helpful utilities in every section.
Your questions find answers here
Neil Randall can tell you how to do everything with Windows XP— work with its programs, build a network, add hardware and software, make Windows XP the center of your Internet activity, and fix every major problem. And it's all right here.




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