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Скачать PC Magazine Windows XP Security Solutions (Repost) бесплатно

PC Magazine Windows XP Security Solutions

Dan DiNicolo, «PC Magazine Windows XP Security Solutions»
Wiley | ISBN: 0471754781 | 436 pages | December 5, 2005 | PDF | 15.71 MB

* Aimed at the end user rather than the security professional, this book presents readers with invaluable information on how to eliminate security issues that already exist on their computers
* Empowers readers by providing step-by-step instructions on the actions they can take to virtually eradicate potential security threats
* Addresses viruses, spyware programs, firewalls, browser security, Windows XP updates, password management, data protection, and network security
* Offers simple steps and instructions that can be easily understood by the average Windows XP user and do not require readers to become computer security experts




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