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Скачать MacUser - 25 September 2009 бесплатно

MacUser - 25 September 2009
PDF | 99 pages | 39 Mb | English

MacUser is your indispensable fortnightly guide to choosing and using the latest Mac hardware and software.

Snow Leopard. The MacUser review.

Push-button publishing. Choosing to best CMS and host for your website.

Batch it up. The first part of Steve Caplin’s guide to batch processing in Photoshop.

Back in the Garage. The first of a three part series looking at iLife’s GarageBand software.

Are you being served? Tap the power of Snow Leopard’s Services.

Home sharing. Getting the best from iTunes’ new Home Sharing feature.

First aid. Turn an external drive into a one-stop emergency toolkit.

Controlling cookies. The threat from Flash.

Mouse Ratings. MacUser reviews the “high quality” Nikon D3000, the “clever little” Eye-Fi Pro and the “powerful” Yojimbo.

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