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Скачать Mark Galer, Les Horvat: Digital Imaging: Essential Skills, Third Edition бесплатно

Digital Imaging: Essential Skills, Third Edition (Photography Essential Skills)
Publisher: Focal Press | рages: 328 | 2005-08-29 | ISВN: 024051971X | PDF | 27.62 Mb

Superbly illustrated throughout, Digital Imaging provides the essential skills and knowledge you need to produce high quality results. You are guided through practical, structured activities that allow you to express yourself visually and improve your digital capture, production and post-production workflows.

Updated in line with the latest technologies and techniques, coverage is provided for users of Elements 3, Photoshop CS2 and CS. Extensively revised to offer in-depth coverage of digital capture and file handling workflows , Digital Imaging includes a wide range of practical projects ranging from essential and quick image enhancement techniques through to sophisticated, involved and professional post-production techniques.

The accompanying CD-Rom is packed full with video tutorials, supporting images, printable PDF files, Adobe presets, useful links and much more. Further downloadable images can be accessed on the associated website www.photographyessentialskills.com. Fully comprehensive with excellent supporting resources, this is a must have guide for anyone needing to get to grips with digital imaging.

* Learn all the principles of digital imaging from this inspirational resource
* Put your skills into practice with creative exercises and assignments
* Understand the entire digital imaging chain, from capture to print


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