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Скачать Five to Nine Magazine - Issue Nine бесплатно

Five to Nine Magazine
Issue Nine | English | PDF | 4 MB | RS+ES
Issue Theme : Nostalgia

Five to Nine is a magazine that explores what people create in their freetime. In its two year run, the magazine has published works from nearly one hundred different designers and artists, and have welcomed Karl Frankowski & Damien Correll as guest curators.

Ninth issue is currated & designed by the ultra talented Karl Frankowski. In this issue he takes a different appraoch to the concept of a magazine, offereing up a 24"x36" poster, and gazing fondly on the theme of nostalgia.

Featured designers/artists: Giorgia Roversi, Emily Ryan, Alessandro Avondo, Naomi Vona, Katherine Hengel, Francesce Perani, Peter Skwiot Smith, Travis Stearns, Nathan Strandberg.



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