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Скачать Modern Design Magazine - November 2008 бесплатно

Modern Design Magazine - November 2008
PDF | 51 pages | English | 29 MB

Modern Design Magazine : Modern Design and Architecture The objective of Modern Design magazine is to create an amalgam between the avant garde design of the 20th century with ultra-modernism of today's world and then projecting itself even more into the future. Combining the everyday contemporary design with the public's ideals and interpretation of non-traditional design, Modern Design is a novelty on the Costa del Sol.
Modern Design magazine is rich with articles, reports, interviews and other types of literature and pictures which can provide information to our readers about cutting edge architecture, art and modern design.
A dynamic energy and eagerness to constantly encourage unconventional ideas is what sets Modern Design magazine apart from it's competitors and will peak the interest of the contemporary art and architectural world.
It aims to create new possibilities in the design field of Spain and throughout Europe, as our ambition is to become international.
This magazine edited in english, is distributed as a free publication with over 20,000 copies from Mlaga to Sotogrande.

Modern Design Magazine was conceived for one simple reason; the need for culture found here on the coast.
It's a magazine that brings the most recent and cutting edge design to it's readers, as well as all the latest concepts and information surrounding the architecture, interior design and art worlds.
The magazine contains various articles about contemporary design and it's different origins and influences.
Modern Design invites it's readers to adapt themselves, and change themselves, if necessary, to their ever changing environment; to keep up with today's world, so to speak.
Modern Design Magazine is proudly brought to you by International Architects, Diseo Earle

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