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Скачать 3DCreative Magazine. Issue 37 (September 2008) бесплатно

3DCreative Magazine. Issue 37 (September 2008)
PDF | 110 pages | 118MB

Welcome to Issue 37! This month, on the back of our Beginner’s Guide to ZBrush tutorial series, we’ve gone ZBrush crazy! Not only are we kicking off one brand new 9-part ZBrush tutorial series for you this month, but we are also introducing a new series where we’ll feature 2 artists every month ‘speed sculpting’ from a brief set by 3DCreative, and we’ll show their tutorials covering the stages of creation – some even with accompanying movies, courtesy of the artists! But before I get carried away with that, let me first tell you a little about the new ZBrush tutorial series – “ZBrush Character Creation”.


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