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Скачать 3DCreative Magazine. Issue 036 (August 2008) бесплатно

3DCreative Magazine. Issue 036 (August 2008)
PDF | 110 pages | 140MB

Welcome to Issue 36 – August 2008. You’ll discover this month that we’re going to witness the finale of our Beginners Guide to ZBrush tutorial series. But we’re certainly going out on a high with this one, as Wayne Robson has sneakily been filming the progress of his tutorial in a dark cupboard somewhere in the UK, and he posted the movie to us last week for me to give away to you guys – for free – for all of you who’ve been following the ZBrush series! See page 92 for the final instalment from Wayne for this series, and click on the “View Movie” download icon to get your mitts on the movie which accompanies this fantastic series.


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