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Скачать Digital Photo Magazine May 2007 companian CD бесплатно

Digital Photo Magazine May 2007 companian CD | 268 MB

10 fantastic new video tutorials, including a wealth of tips on improving your landscape images. There’s also vital info on adding Saturation to your shots, an in-depth look at the Pen Tool and a guided tour of Adobe’s new Lightroom software.

Video lessons
Jon Adams video lessons
Jon Adams explains how to blend multiple RAW
conversions and correct landscape foregrounds.
Jon shows how to add impact to a weak
landscape foreground by enlarging it in Photoshop.
Jon reveals how to import a brand new
foreground element to improve a landscape’s
Kingsley Singleton video lessons
Kingsley Singleton shows how to boost saturation
in a scene using a special technique that won’t
cause colours to block out.
Phil Hall video lessons
Phil Hall reveals how to use Photoshop’s Pen tool
to make very accurate Selections in part 1 of this
video lesson.
In part 2, Phil takes his cut-out and digitally
constructs a stunning still-life image.
Mat Gallagher video lessons
Mat Gallagher takes an in-depth tour of Adobe
Lightroom’s features and functions.
Gavin Hoey video lessons
Gavin Hoey shows how to set up and shoot highspeed
flash images with your camera’s pop-up flash.
Gavin reveals how to turn a photo into a
watercolour in Elements.
Gavin demonstrates the pen & wash technique in
PSP software.
Start images
All the pictures used by our experts to create this
month’s images are included on the CD, so you can
try the techniques for yourself!
CD Gallery
See what Digital Photo readers have been up to
this month!
CD index Issue 91 June 2007
Video lessons
Jon Adams video lessons
Jon Adams shows how to use Lightroom to
make fantastic mono conversions from RAW
Jon reveals how the Fill control differs from
Opacity, and how you can use it to create
great effects.
Jon shows how you can straighten up a
picture using Transform.
Kingsley Singleton


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