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Скачать 2Dartist December 2007 Issue 024 бесплатно

2DArtist December 2007 Issue 024
PDF | 137 Pages | 113 MB | RS.COM

Welcome to Issue 24 of 2DArtist, which means 2DArtist has now been going strong for 2 years! So we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support over the past 2 years, and to encourage you all to continue supporting us through 2008, as we wouldn’t be able to do this without you all. The cover work for this month’s issue was created by the very talented Jason (Wei Che) Juan, who we have interviewed this month, starting on page 5. Our other interviews this month delve into the lives, talents and experiences of Morgan Yon (see page 13) and Luis Melo (see page 33). Morgan Yon has been keeping us busy this month with all the fantastic updates he’s been making to his portfolio, and our interview really gets to the heart of this truly amazing artist, so take a look at the interview and prepare your eyes for a treat! Our Speed Paintings are really great this month, too; we were amazed at just how close our 2 artists’ concepts came, and then at just how different their interpretations were - really great stuff so check out page 93! As always, there just isn’t enough space for my waffle, so I’m just going to quickly suggest that you check out the content listed to the right, go to the page of your choice, and get stuck in! As that’s what we create this magazine for, after all! So get creative and have a great Christmas, everyone! See you in 2008... Ed.


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