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Скачать 3DCreative - December 07 Issue бесплатно

3DCreative December 2007 Issue 028
PDF | 225 Pages | 165 MB | RS.COM

Welcome to the Issue 28 of 3DCreative. We’ve packed this month’s issue full of great stuff, just for you... and just in time for Christmas too, so we hope you like it! First up: be sure not to miss the Making Of Tofu the Vegan Zombie on page 51, as we have a very special competition this month for all to enter for their chances to win one of 13 copies of Tofu’s latest adventure animation: Zombie Dearest! We’ve already got our copies in the studio and we love it, so check out page 64 for your chance to win, win, win!!! My personal favourite this month is our interview with the talented and unique artist, Loc ‘e338’ Zimmerman, which you can find on page 25. Wiek Lujiken too left me breathless after reading his interview - he’s such a busy guy he could certainly teach us all a thing or two about time management and getting the most out of life! Be sure not to miss that one anyway, as you’ll feel the need to get busy after reading it, trust me! Actually, all our articles are great this month, so get reading, get inspired, then send us your fantastic creations, of course! Simply check out the content to the right, flick to whatev er takes your fancy and get stuck in to this mammoth issue! Finally though, a little sadness... We have, I’m afraid, come to the end of our 3D Environment Lighting Tutorial Series (boo!) which starts on page 117, so don’t miss this last instalment if you’ve been following this series with us. Stay tuned for January as we have a great Car Modelling Tutorial Series planned for you - ooOOooh! Merry Christmas!!


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